• The Eco Lodge Itororó is seated on the Serra do Mar Mountain Range at an altitude of 1200m, surrounded by well over fifty mountains and the Atlantic Rain Forest.

  • Manacá da Serra (Tibouchina mutabilis) is a pioneer tree of the Brazilian Atlantic Forest, growing mostly in the Serra do Mar region. It occurs almost exclusively on secondary forests.

  • The Embaúba (Cecropia pachystachya) is a 4 to 8 meters tall tree, native to the American tropics. It is a pioneer tree, providing healthy and rich organic matter for other trees to thrive and grow around it.

  • At the end of February Rainer Dungs guided a small group of nature enthusiasts. They arrived in Lençois (one of the beautiful small villages in Chapada Diamantina) on February 22nd and set out to explore the north, the wetlands and the south side of the national park.

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