Ecolodge Itororó - Bird Watching, Hiking, Rainforest and the fascinating Organ Mountains of Brazil

Here is what we at the Ecolodge Itororó are all about

Ecolodge Itororó Cottage

The Ecolodge Itororó Hotel

​Accommodation in cozy apartments and log cabins. We are located in the heart of the Atlantic Rainforest, within the Organ Mountains but easily accessible from Rio de Janeiro, just a 2.5-hour drive away.

hummingbird Beijaflor Ecolodge Itororó

Bird Watching

Itororó and the surrounding region are real hotspots for birdwatching and nature photography. Whether you are an experienced birder or a beginner, we can offer you a great birding experience.

Hiking trip near Itororo eco lodge hotel in Brazil.

Hiking and more

The region in and around the Ecolodge Itororó is a perfect playground for people who love nature in its purest state. Rainforest, Mountains, waterfalls, rivers, amazing views, rare fauna and flora and much more. 


The Eco-Lodge Itororó is located in the Serra do Mar mountain range near Nova Friburgo. You will find us circa 140 km to the north of
Rio de Janeiro, at an altitude of 1.150 m, where the Atlantic Rainforest (Mata Atlântica) still emerges with all its splendor.

Its unique biosphere portrays the ideal picture of the “Jungle”, with big trees covered by luxuriant proliferating green epiphytes.​

In the heart of the Atlantic Rainforest

Atlantic Rainforest
Atlantic Rainforest (Mata Atlântica)
Atlantic Rainforest Eco-lodge Itororó

Here, water presents itself in the most varied and dazzling ways. As springs, brooks and waterfalls, in smaller and larger rivers, rivulets, puddles, lagoons and pools. It is sustained and framed by mountains, hills, rock faces and wide plateaus.

The Botanical sphere depicts numerous Orchid species, Dicksonias and a great variety of palm trees. The location is home to countless Bromeliads, Cactuses, Fuchsias, Heliconias, Strelizias as well as quite a few mosses. In addition the area is populated by many endangered animal species, which still make this heterogeneous landscape their home.

Nova Friburgo

In the beginning of the 1800's, Brazil's ruler at that time, Dom João VI, promoted the immigration of new settlers. In 1818, circa 100 families from the then famished canton Fribourg in Switzerland made their way to Brazil. They were in the pursuit of new possibilities, ending up in what would later be named after their home town.

Nova Friburgo is located at 846 m above the sea level and has circa 170.000 inhabitants. There, the cooler mountain climate can be clearly felt and was certainly an attraction for the Swiss population who first founded the city. Here visitors can see interesting rock formations and majestic granite mountains on which beautiful tropical vegetation thrives.

Today, the city is the starting point for tours into nature, offering good wandering and trekking options, as well as swimming in rivers and canoeing. The highest summit near Nova Friburgo is Pico da Caledônia (2.320 m), it is also a beloved location for hang-gliders.

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Research, environmental protection and social engagement

The Eco-Lodge Itororó is also the base and forum for an active ecological engagement.

Our goal is to restore the Atlantic Forest in this region and eliminate non-native vegetation. The pilot-project is showing us that we are on the right track. In the areas in which we have eliminated non-native forests, the recovering Atlantic Rainforest is thriving.

We are seeing more and more animals and birds coming back since our project started.

See some of our photos, we have both a dedicated gallery page and also an Instagram account - a feed is embedded here to the right.​

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