Explore Itororó

Trails in the Rainforest, Natural Swimming Pool, Waterfalls.

Eco Lodge Itororo Trail

This tour is ideal for travelers who will be in Rio de Janeiro, and would like to extend their holiday for 2 days and get to know the tropical rainforest, see many birds and experience the amazing diversity of the Atlantic rainforest.

Our five well marked and mapped trails within the grounds of Eco Lodge Itororó, offer you the possibility to explore nature on your own. Enjoy a hike to our look-out point, or natural orchid and bromeliad garden in the forest, with its amazing tree ferns, our pond with many amphibians and many other options. Also enjoy observing birds and fauna at one of our hides or feeders. Here, with some luck and patience you may be able to photograph toucanets, wood quails, colourful tanagers and mammals such as tayras and maybe even an oncilla! Whilst walking around the lodge grounds, you may even have an encounter with a sloth!

It is important to understand that observing mammals in the tropical rainforest can be quite challenging, the majority of our species are experts at hiding away hide within the forest and moving around unnoticed. Some are very shy and can use their camouflage very well.

Still, it is a very gratifying experience to photograph or observe species that you will not see anywhere else in the world. This tour is not recommended for people with impaired mobility or who have serious health problems.


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