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Hiking the Três Picos State Park & Rainforest Impressions

The Três Picos

The Tres Picos State Park is a fabulous hiking destination close to our Ecolodge Itororó with many hiking options. These hiking grounds offer high granite mountains, rainforest, the sub-montane vegetation and stunning valleys, all offering the perfect scenery to fully experience nature. The home of the black hawk eagle, the puma and many other rare species makes this outdoor adventure unique.

The Park was created in 2002, in the Serra do Mar mountain range, in the center of the state. The objectives were to ensure preservation of remnants of the Atlantic Forest in the portion of the Serra do Mar in Rio de Janeiro, to recover degraded areas, to preserve rare, endemic and endangered species of native fauna and flora, to integrate with the central Atlantic Forest corridor in the state, to maintain springs and water bodies that supply the cities, and to encourage recreation, environmental education and scientific research where compatible with the other goals.

The park is part of the Central Rio de Janeiro Atlantic Forest Mosaic, created in 2006.  In the following years the park was expanded and in 2016 it covered 65,113 hectares (160,900 acres).

This tour is not recommended for people with impaired mobility or who have serious health problems.


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