Experience fascinating expeditions into the nature of Brazil

Whispering of the Waters, that’s what “Itororó” means in the Tupi-Guarani Language.

This meaning touches the heart of our philosophy. Our goal is to help protect Brazil’s Atlantic Rainforest (Mata Atlântica) so that it continually gives its waters room to whisper and allows those interested in it, to listen, see and experience nature in its purest form.

Here is what we are all about

  • The EcoLodge Itororó

    The inn and starting point to tours and expeditions throughout Brazil: Accommodations, vacation dwellings,apartments, log cabins.

  • Research, environmental protection and social engagement

    The Eco-Lodge Itororó is also the base and forum for an active ecological engagement.

  • Relaxing, hiking and trekking

    Our goal is to create a connection between fun, culture, experience, unforgettable impressions and the coming true of dreams.

  • Experiencing nature, bird watching, Roberto Burle Marx’s Gardens

    We take you to the heart of the Atlantic Rainforest through its amazing flora and fauna.