The Eco Lodge Itororó is seated on the Serra do Mar Mountain Range at an altitude of 1200m, surrounded by well over fifty mountains and the Atlantic Rain Forest. Directly from the Lodge you can reach the nearest peak in a genuinely nice back and forth four-hour hike through the Atlantic Rain Forest and have a 360º view of the countless mountains all around. If you wish to stay closer to the lodge but still immerse into the Atlantic Rainforest and experience close contact to nature, there are another five trails to choose from to have a nice and peaceful walk into deep tropical woods. Additional hiking tours can be arranged by the lodge as well as the transfer to farther mountains. We highlight the Tres Picos State Park, which offers stunning trails and landscapes throughout your expedition. The Tres Picos State Park, established in 2002, is the largest Park of the State of Rio de Janeiro, encompassing five municipalities and providing numerous hiking options.

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